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• 6" tall printed glass cone with percolator, wrapped in heavy-duty silicone
• Made of high-quality glass and silicone material for durability and safety
• Suitable for use with dry herbs
• Comes with downstem and bowl
• Available in 10 unique prints: Zombies Vs Plants; White Lips Video Game; Skull Fire; Aliens; Bright Tie-Dye; Light Tie-Dye; White Ric & Mort; Video Game Soccer; Joker Game Print


This Silicone Wrapped Glass Printed Cone with Percolator is the ultimate smoking accessory for smoking enthusiasts. The cone's heavy-duty silicone wrapping provides a comfortable grip and protects the glass from accidental damage, making it durable and long-lasting. The percolator ensures that you enjoy a smooth smoking experience with every hit, filtering out impurities for cleaner smoke.


The glass material used to make this cone provides a clear and pure taste for your dry herbs. The silicone wrapping also adds an extra layer of protection and enhances the grip of the cone, making it easy and comfortable to use.


The unique printed designs on the silicone wrapping add a touch of personality to this smoking accessory, with 10 unique prints to choose from, including Zombies Vs Plants, White Lips Video Game, Skull Fire, Aliens, Bright Tie-Dye, Light Tie-Dye, White Ric & Mort, Video Game Soccer, and Joker Game Print. The variety of prints ensures that there's something for everyone.


In summary, the Silicone Wrapped Glass Printed Cone with Percolator is a must-have smoking accessory for smoking enthusiasts who appreciate a smooth and flavorful smoking experience. With its heavy-duty silicone wrapping, percolator, and high-quality glass material, this cone provides a unique and durable smoking experience. Choose from 10 unique prints and add this smoking accessory to your collection today!

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