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  • We aim for 100% customer happiness
    We work to make sure every experience is a good experience for our customers. If you need anything, let us know.
  • Rest assured, our customers will be taken care of
    Talk to someone at our local distribution center and resolve anything you need with 1 phone call. 
  • Your business is important to us
    We care about how you feel and we want you happy all the time. We want you to praise the name Weedman and Glassman. 

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  • Address
    4550 S 107th Rd, Bolivar, MO 65613  
  • Hours
    Monday - Friday: 8AM to 6PM
    Saturday: 9AM to 6PM
    Sunday: Closed
    After hours and Sunday shopping times are available upon request. Contact to request shopping times.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

I can only get there on a Sunday? Can I request a time to shop on Sunday or during the week after hours?
How far is local delivery?
Our local delivery range covers over 500 miles, from Oklahoma all the way to Columbus, Missouri. 
How fast is local delivery?
How can I be aware of new products when they arrive?
Sign up for our email list so we can notify you as soon as we get new products in.
Do you carry any apparel and other types of products?
Yes, we carry apparel, jewelry, and lifestyle products of many brands.
Do you supply dispensaries?
How can I arrange for the unique Hi-Times Hauler to come out for an event at my location?
  • Location: 4550 S 107th Rd, 

    Bolivar, MO 65613  

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