Meet the Crew

Weedman and Glassman was founded to serve a need in Missouri and surrounding areas. Rick Weedman, an army veteran, has an extensive background in the financial industry and stumbled upon the tobacco industry in an unbelievable way. While flying a plane that was transporting cloths in Europe, he had some extreme circumstances that resulted in him having to crash land UPSIDE DOWN. After crash landing, he woke up to the smell of tobacco while his plane was on fire!

He started his own company finding convenience needs for small local companies that could not purchase on a mass level and getting them what they need at discounted rates. 

Customers started requesting more and more tobacco related products. He bought a truck and filled it will products that customers were looking for in the northeast region. He drove the truck around on his routes from town to town and eventually state to state. He created a need and a solid reputation amongst the local business owners.

Morty Glassman

Morty Glassman is the founder and operator of an extremely successful marketing company. He built his company on a solid reputation and marketing expertise. He ran a thriving company for 20+ years. He has given to the community and provided sponsorship and funding for many programs and youth sports. 

Rick and Morty

Rick and Morty met while both living in Florida and looking for a friend to attend a poker run on the boat. Immediately they bonded over their shared need for speed and savvy business ethics. While traveling Europe together, they discussed how they could partner and build a successful future. Morty got a truck and moved to the Bolivar, MO area. He established a solid route for his truck and built relationships with local smoke shops, convenience stores, and dispensaries that needed smoke shop inventory.

After a lot of success with the trucks, Rick and Morty  built an over 6,000 square foot warehouse and stocked it with the most sought-after glass, silicone and smoking accessories. The warehouse is now open to business owners who want a new experience. We welcome you to come by to meet the team and see the largest 3d printed water pipe in the country.

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    100% Satisfaction
  • Products Are Shipped To Customers From Our
    Distro Center in Missouri

Hi-Times Hauler

The Hi Times Hauler is not your ordinary race truck. This monster of a vehicle boasts a massive engine that roars as it speeds down the track, leaving a trail of dust and awe in its wake. It's an attraction on its own, and now, it's available for you to experience up close and personal. 

Imagine the looks on your customers' faces when they see the Hi Times Hauler parked outside your smoke shop, ready to rev its engine and show off its power!

  • Location: 4550 S 107th Rd, 

    Bolivar, MO 65613  

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