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Designed for portability and convenience, The Rig in One brings the at-home dabbing experience on the go. Unlike the majority of portable vaporizers on the market, The Rig in One is powered by a butane torch. No Battery, No Coil, No Problem. 

The Rig in One kit comes with a 14mm female square micro rig with a shower-head perc, thick 14mm male quartz banger, a RiO base made from resin, a torch with overflow value made to perfectly fit in the base, a dab tool, a carb cap for great functionality, two silicone plugs for traveling. 

By having the torch positioned under the quartz, the Rig in One has become the premiere device for cold starting. This kit truly has everything you could ask for.

The Rig in One includes:

  • Boro Glass Micro Rig Bubbler with Shower-head Perc (14mm Female)
  • Core Quartz Banger (14mm Male)
  • Matching Black Colour Torch with overflow valve
  •  Bubble Carb Cap
  • Dab Tool
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