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Get full flavor and effect with the MiniNail Quartz Hybrid Deep Dish Enail. Our most popular E-nail kit type.

The Quartz Hybrid Nail is universal in design, ha ing both male and female joint adapters. Thus, this enail kit will work with virtually any rig you have.

It is also modular in that you can remove the quartz or titanium dishes and replace whenever you choose.

The titanium body is not only extremely durable, but allows amazing temperature stabilization when consuming concentrates, allowing you to get the perfect hit every time.

Cyclone Spin Feature

The Quartz Hybrid Deep Dish Enail Kit now includes our new Cyclone Spin feature. This means that all carb caps for this enail make a vortex inside the dish. As a result, this makes the concentrate move and spin more effectively giving you even better function with every use.

Furthermore, Add the Quartz Terp Spheres to the Quartz Hybrid Nail for better functionality. The terp spheres will spin around, moving the concentrate around various areas of the dish. 

Heater Coil Specs

The Hybrid Heater Coil wraps around both the bottom and sidewalls of our quartz Hybrid Nail for increased effectiveness and efficiency especially at low temperatures.

The increased surface area of the the Heater Coil and the Quartz Hybrid Nail help thin the concentrate out so you get better flavor and effect. 

The Hybrid Coil is also versatile, as it can also be used with our 25mm Quartz E-banger accessory. 

Hybrid Nail Specs

The Quartz Hybrid Titanium Nail is the best of both worlds as it provides amazing flavor from the quartz dishes and outstanding heat retention from the titanium. 

The deep walled dish helps to spread the surface area of your concentrates for maximum effectiveness. Pre-calibrated for temperature accuracy so you can be sure you are at the perfect temperature. It is designed to be used all day everday and built to be a daily driver.

Universal Fittings

The MiniNail Quartz Hybrid Universal Nail can fit 10mm-18mm male joints sizes and 14mm-18mm female joint sizes so it will work with virtually any rig. Made of extremely high quality Titanium (Grade 2) and is 3rd party lab tested for purity.

Can be used with our replacement Ti Dish Tops as well as our quartz hybrid dish tops. Furthermore, This setup is very easy to use and maintain. Lastly, it is also extremely durable and great for travel.

MiniNail eNail Specs

MiniNail Micro Enail is extremely small and is slightly larger than a business card; weighing in at only 5 ounces. It is also a lower power Enail that runs on only 1amp / 89 watts of power. In conclusion, the Quartz Hybrid Deep Dish Enail Kit is designed to be used all day everyday and built to be a daily driver. 

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