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The Quartz Banger Enail Kit allows for a perfect temperature and dabbing experience every time. This all quartz Enail kit is designed to give you the same replicable dab every time you use it. Thus, allowing you to have a true concentrate connoisseur experience.

Furthermore, all quartz banger enail kit maximizes the flavor production at lower temperatures giving you much better flavor and effect. Lastly, it is easy to clean, operate and maintain. 

25MM Banger:

The high quality quartz banger is designed specifically for the MiniNail ENail with perfect tolerances for an amazing fit and finish. These quartz bangers have many features to improve function. For example, all MiniNail quartz bangers have chamfered edges for better use with various bubble caps. Also, they all have thick walls and a 5mm thick base for better heat retention and overall function at low temperatures.

Includes a quartz arm to help rest the heater coil for stability and safety. Also includes a silicon band to further hold the coil in place as a secondary feature. As a result, these additions and improvements make this the best enail set for fans of pure quartz dabs.

Additionally, the Hybrid Heater coil design of this kit maximizes effectiveness by providing heat from both the bottom and sidewalls of the quartz ebanger. Furthermore, this gives you much better function that is unparalleled with other enails. 


MiniNail™ Micro Enail controller box itself is extremely small; weighing only 5 ounces. It is also a lower power Enail that runs on only 1amp/89watts of power. Meaning it will be cheaper to run and will last longer than other enail. It is built to be a daily driver and is designed to be used all day everyday.

Custom designed MiniNail™️ 25mm Quartz eBanger provides amazing heat retention and function with its 5mm thick quartz base and thick quartz walls. Likewise, with the Hybrid heater coil you get heat retention from the bottom and sidewalls giving increased functionality at lower temperatures. In conclusion, this is the best banger kit for an enail.

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