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• 5" small glow in the dark glass beaker hand pipe
• Made of durable glass material
• Comes with downstem and matching bowl
• Available in three unique prints including B, Batman, Aliens, and Ghosts

Looking for a small and unique glass beaker hand pipe to add to your collection? Check out our 5" Small Glow Glass Beaker! This pipe is made of durable glass material and comes in four fun designs: B, Batman, Aliens, and Ghosts.


Not only is this pipe functional, but it also glows in the dark, making it a fun and unique addition to your smoking accessories. The small size makes it perfect for on-the-go piece at home.


In summary, our 5" Small Glow Glass Beaker is a durable and unique smoking accessory that is perfect for any smoking enthusiast. Get one today and enjoy its fun and functional features!

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