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• Gili Glass original design
• Crystal design perk for smooth filtration
• Comes with downstem and bowl
• 1 Count
• Available in green and amber


The Gili Glass Small Crystal Perk Water Pipe is a beautifully crafted piece that combines form and function.It stands at 9 1/2"tall.  As an original Gili Glass design, this water pipe features a unique crystal design perk that provides excellent filtration for a smoother smoking experience.


Available in both green and amber color options, this small water pipe offers customers a choice to suit their personal preferences. The compact size makes it perfect for those who want a portable and easy-to-handle piece without sacrificing the quality and performance they expect from Gili Glass products.


As a single-count item, the Gili Glass Small Crystal Perk Water Pipe is an ideal addition to any smoke shop or retail store inventory, appealing to customers who appreciate eye-catching designs and high-quality glassware.


In summary, the Gili Glass Small Crystal Perk Water Pipe combines aesthetics and functionality in a compact and attractive package. With its unique crystal design perk and choice of colors, this water pipe is sure to be a popular choice among customers seeking a stylish and effective smoking accessory.

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