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  • QUALITY, VALUE & SAVINGS. Cleaning Kit Contents : 2 Bottles of Cleaner + Formula 420 Cleaning Accessories + Bonus Limited Edition Tray & Bonus Soak/Shake Reusable Cleaner Bag
  • ACCESSORIES INCLUDED: 2pc Cleaning Caps Set. (1 Small Cap & 1 Large Cap). Caps stretch to fit your desired size. Perfect for Cleaning your piece. Creates Tight Leak Free Seal. Make cleaning your glass fast, easy and hassle-free using Formula 420 / Formula 710 Cleaners + Formula 420 Cleaning Caps system for the quickest and easiest clean ever.
  • ACCESSORIES INCLUDED: 3pc Cleaning Plug Set. (1 Small Plug, 1 Medium Plug & 1 Large Plug) Plug Sizes: Large: 12-26mm Medium: 8-18mm Small: 6-14mm. Creates Tight Leak Free Seal & Work as an odor stop for standard storage. No need to get your hands dirty and cover the openings with your hands.
  • BONUS LIMITED EDITION TRAY: Branded tray included with kit. Several designs available. Tray designs are randomized in each kit. See sample image of a few of the tray designs that are mixed in kits. New Designs in rotation. 11.5 x 7.2 inches
  • FORMULA 420 PRODUCTS: Formula 420 offers 5 Cleaners for all your cleaning needs. A1 - Original Cleaner | A2 - All Natural | A3 - Daily-Use Concentrate | A4 - Silicone-Plastics | S1 - Soak-N-Rinse. Formula 710 offers 2 Cleaners for all your 710 Needs. C1 : Advanced Cleaner | C2 : Instant Cleaner. FORMULA 420 ACCESSORIES : Cleaning Caps, Cleaning Plugs, Detailing Brushes, Wipes, Swabs & More.
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