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• Double Bubble Glass Oil Burner
• Large holes for optimal airflow
• Suitable for use with concentrates
• 10 Count
• Assorted colors for a variety of preferences


Introducing the Double Bubble Oil Burner, a set of 10 beautifully crafted glass oil burners designed for use with concentrates. These oil burners feature large holes to ensure optimal airflow, providing an enhanced smoking experience for both personal use and smoke shop offerings.


The Double Bubble Oil Burner comes in a variety of assorted colors, catering to a wide range of preferences and styles. These oil burners are easy to clean, ensuring they remain an effective and enjoyable part of your concentrate experience over time.


In summary, the Double Bubble Oil Burner offers a stylish and functional solution for concentrate lovers. With their unique design, easy maintenance, and compatibility with concentrates, these 10 assorted oil burners are a valuable addition to any collection or store inventory. Enhance your concentrate selection with the Double Bubble Oil Burner today!

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