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• EG Glass Brand 
• 6.5 inches in height
• Lab Bubbler Recycler design
• Suitable for use with dry herbs
• 1 Count


The EG Glass 6.5" Recycler Lab is an exceptional smoking accessory designed for those who value quality and performance. This lab bubbler recycler offers a smooth and enjoyable smoking experience, making it an excellent addition to any personal collection.


At 4 inches in height, this EG Glass Recycler is compact and easy to handle, while still providing an efficient and satisfying smoking experience. The bubbler is suitable for use with dry herbs, making it a versatile accessory for a wide range of smoking preferences.


In summary, the EG Glass 6.5" Recycler is an outstanding choice for anyone looking to elevate their smoking experience. With its lab bubbler recycler design and compatibility with dry herbs, this high-quality glass bubbler is a valuable addition to any collection. Add the EG Glass 6.5" Bubbler to your collection today!

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