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• Futurola Tyson Infused Blunt Wraps "The Toad"
• Unique and exclusive collaboration with Mike Tyson
• 25 Count Box
• Premium quality blunt wraps
• Infused with a signature flavor


Introducing the Futurola Tyson Infused Blunt Wraps "The Toad", a distinctive and exclusive collaboration with the legendary Mike Tyson. These premium blunt wraps come in a 25 count box, perfect for the avid smoker or those who appreciate high-quality smoking accessories.


These unique blunt wraps are infused with a signature flavor that sets them apart from ordinary blunt wraps. The quality of these wraps ensures a smooth and enjoyable smoking experience, allowing you to savor the flavor and aroma of your favorite herbs.


In summary, the Futurola Tyson Infused Blunt Wraps "The Toad" are an exceptional choice for those looking to elevate their smoking experience with a one-of-a-kind accessory. With their exclusive collaboration with Mike Tyson, premium quality, and infused signature flavor, these blunt wraps are sure to impress. Don't miss the opportunity to add these exceptional blunt wraps to your collection – get your 25 count box today!

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