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• Made of premium, ultra-thin paper
• 1 1/4 size
• Comes with 3 packs of 100 leaves each


The OCB Premium Stack Pak 300 Leaves is a great choice for those who prioritize quality and convenience in their smoking experience. Made of premium, ultra-thin paper, these rolling papers provide a smooth and enjoyable smoking experience. Its 1 1/4 size is perfect for those who prefer a medium-sized smoking session.


This pack includes 3 packs of 100 papers each, for a total of 300 papers. The stack pack design ensures that you'll always have papers on hand, and the convenient size makes it easy to store in your smoking kit or travel bag.


In summary, the OCB Premium Stack Pak 300 Leaves is a must-have for any smoking enthusiast. With its premium, ultra-thin paper and stack pack design, you'll have plenty of high-quality rolling papers for your smoking needs. Add it to your smoking kit today!

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