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• Grenade Nectar Collector with tank holder, grenade, dab tool, and dab container
• 6.5 inches in size
• Suitable for use with concentrates
• 1 Count
• Available in 3 color combinations: Purple & Green, Camo- Grey, Green & Black; Blue, Green & White


The Grenade Nectar Collector is an innovative and eye-catching smoking accessory for concentrate enthusiasts. This unique 6.5-inch nectar collector features a grenade-shaped tank holder, adding a touch of creativity to your smoking sessions. The set also includes a dab tool and dab container, providing everything you need for an enjoyable and efficient concentrate experience.


Available in three color combinations - Purple & Green, Camo- Gray, Green & Black; and Blue, Green & White - the Grenade Nectar Collector offers users a variety of options to express their personal style.


In summary, the Grenade Nectar Collector is a must-have for those who enjoy concentrates and appreciate bold designs. With its distinctive grenade shape, functional accessories, and suitability for concentrate use, this nectar collector offers both style and functionality. Add this striking smoking accessory to your collection today!

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