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• Rechargeable Cookies LED Tray
• Comes wrapped in a Cookies box with a felt bag
• USB charger included
• 6 color light options for added visual appeal
• 11 Inches by 8 Inches
• 1 Count


Introducing the Cookies LED Tray, a stylish and functional accessory for smoking enthusiasts. This 11-inch by 8-inch rechargeable tray comes wrapped in a Cookies box and includes a felt bag for added convenience and protection.


The USB charger ensures that your Cookies LED Tray is always ready for use, while the 6 color light options add a touch of flair to your smoking sessions. This versatile tray is perfect for preparing your smoking materials or displaying your favorite smoking accessories.


This Cookies LED Tray comes as a single unit, making it an ideal addition to any smoking enthusiast's collection or a standout offering in a smoke shop.


In summary, the Cookies LED Tray is a valuable and eye-catching accessory for any smoking enthusiast. With its rechargeable design, 6 color light options, and sleek presentation, this LED Tray is both functional and fashionable. Enhance your smoking experience or store offerings with this exceptional LED tray today!

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