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• Cookies LED Jars for storage
• Includes boxes and charging cable
• Suitable for storing concentrates and dry herbs
• Features LED lighting for added functionality
• 5 Count with assorted colors including Gray, Red, Purple, White, Blue, Black, and Yellow, this jar is perfect for expressing your personal style.


Introducing the Cookies LED Jar 5 Count Box, a versatile and attractive storage solution for smoking enthusiasts. These LED Jars are perfect for storing your concentrates and dry herbs while adding a touch of style to your collection.


The LED lighting feature adds functionality and flair to these jars, making them not only practical but also an appealing display piece. The assorted colors, including blue, yellow, gray, green, and red, purple, white, and black, offer a variety of options. This Cookies LED Jar set comes in a 5-count box, complete with boxes and a charging cable for added convenience.  


In summary, the Cookies LED Jar 5 Count Box is an excellent addition to any smoking enthusiast's collection or a smoke shop's inventory. With its practical storage capabilities, LED lighting feature, and assortment of colors, these jars are both functional and stylish. Add these captivating LED jars to your collection or store offerings today!

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