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• 4" long decorative glass hand pipe
• Made of high-quality glass
• Suitable for use with dry herbs
• 5 Count
• Comes in a variety of colors


Introducing the 4" Standard Decorative Glass Hand Pipe, a stylish and functional smoking accessory that's perfect for smoking enthusiasts who appreciate a touch of creativity in their collection. Made of high-quality glass, this hand pipe is suitable for use with dry herbs, offering a smooth and enjoyable smoking experience.


The 4" Standard Decorative Glass Hand Pipe is crafted from top-grade glass, ensuring both durability and a clean, smooth smoking experience. The glass material is less likely to absorb odors, offering a pure and enjoyable smoke for users.


Featuring a range of vibrant colors, this hand pipe adds a touch of personality to any smoking collection. The colorful designs not only make the hand pipe visually appealing but also allow you to cater to a diverse range of customer preferences.


Designed for dry herb use, the 4" Standard Decorative Glass Hand Pipe provides a convenient and portable solution for smoking enthusiasts on the go. Its compact size makes it easy to carry and use discreetly, while still delivering an enjoyable smoking experience.

In summary, the 4" Standard Decorative Glass Hand Pipe is a valuable addition to any smoking enthusiast's collection. With its high-quality glass material, variety of colors, and suitability for dry herb use, this hand pipe is an ideal choice for customers seeking a compact and stylish smoking accessory. Add these eye-catching hand pipes to your collection today.

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