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• 4.5" long glass wrapped silicone hand pipe
• Made of high-quality glass and silicone material
• Suitable for use with dry herbs
• 5 Count
• Individually wrapped
• Available in a variety of colors


Introducing the 4.5" Glass Wrapped Silicone Hand Pipe, an excellent smoking accessory for any smoking enthusiast. These hand pipes are made of high-quality glass and wrapped in durable silicone material, providing both style and functionality for an enjoyable smoking experience.


The unique design of these hand pipes combines the benefits of both glass and silicone materials. The glass ensures a smooth and clean smoke, while the silicone wrap provides added durability and protection against accidental drops and breakage. This combination makes for a long-lasting and versatile smoking accessory.


Designed specifically for use with dry herbs, these hand pipes offer an efficient and enjoyable smoking experience. The large barrel and easy-to-hold design make it perfect for both solo and group smoking sessions.


The 4.5" Glass Wrapped Silicone Hand Pipes come in a 5-count package, with each pipe individually wrapped. They are available in a variety of assorted colors, providing an exciting element of surprise for the user and allowing them to build a colorful collection.


In summary, the 4.5" Glass Wrapped Silicone Hand Pipe is a must-have for any smoking enthusiast. Combining the best of both glass and silicone materials, these hand pipes provide a unique and enjoyable smoking experience. Add this stylish and functional smoking accessory to your collection today!

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