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Fits 10mm, 14mm, 18mm Female Jointed Water Pipes
Holds up to 2g of Dry Herb
Twist to push out ash
COLORS: Gold, Rose Gold, Black, Brown, and Silver
Length: 4 inches. 
The  3 in 1 Glass Blunt is the perfect portable on the go pipe to smoke out from. Turn this hand pipe into a quartz glass blunt. You can easily pack up to 2 grams of dry herbs. Simply twist the screw counter clock wise into the tube. This 3 in 1 twisty glass blunt is 4 inches in length and half an inch in diameter.

How to Use

 Use  the 3 in 1 twisty glass blunt and fill it up with your favorite dry herbs from one side. This is the side without rubber mouthpiece. When you have packed it full, put your lips on the mouthpiece and light the opposite end. When you finish,  simply twist the end and the smoked ash will fall out.

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