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• 14mm male joint
• Thermal banger design for optimal heat retention and flavor
• Big bucket design for large dabs
• Made of high-quality quartz glass
• Comes with assorted colors


Upgrade your dab rig with this 14mm Thermal Big Bucket Banger. The thermal design ensures that your dabs are heated evenly, and the big bucket allows for larger amounts of concentrates to be used. The 14mm male joint makes this banger compatible with most rigs.


Made of high-quality quartz glass, this banger is durable and designed to withstand high temperatures. The assorted color set adds a fun touch to your dab rig setup, with each banger featuring a unique color.


In summary, the 14mm Thermal Big Bucket Banger is an essential addition to any dab rig setup. With its thermal design, big bucket, and high-quality quartz glass construction, it delivers optimal heat retention and flavor. And with the assorted color set, it adds a fun and unique touch to your rig. Order your 10-count assorted color set today!

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